It’s 6am…I’ve been up since 2:37am…allergies, I can’t take this right now. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP ;-;

She’s getting huge.
She’s 6 months old now

Just awkwardly met Eva Marie a couple minutes ago. It was awkward coz she was getting her hair done, and looked sad. I kinda feel bad about barging into the salon like that but I wanted to meet her. ;-;
Well technically I didn’t barge in, I knocked and that is the salon my cousin worked at too so they know me..
She was nice though about meeting me even though I could tell she was going through something so I didn’t ask for a picture either.

Yesterday was the first time I heard Luna’s protective bark.

I was outside with her and she kept looking up at my parents window.

My mom was inside  watching tv and the light from the tv was lighting up the room and changing colors, I’m gonna assume that’s what Luna was looking at because Luna got all serious and growled and then started barking while she was still focused on the window. I had never heard that bark from her it was deep and strong o.o

lol she was protecting me from my mom lmao

I haven’t shopped at for almost 7 months now..


What if Elsa and Hook become a thing and end up together and somehow Baelfire never dies because of some sort of change in the past or something LOL Does that even make sense  OTL

Today while watching “레이서" by  "CHAOS" I have officially accepted the fact that I’m gonna die alone

Also, today I finally watched Disney’s Hercules for the first time ever. Yes idk how it is that I had never watched the movie but yeah I hadn’t but now i did :D

I need to watch “The Emperor’s New Groove” too. I’ve seen the show though. “The Emperor’s New School” LOVE it :D

Another one of my friends that I went to  high school with just got married..

And I’m just over here forever alone .-.

Luna’s 21 weeks now :)

Luna’s 21 weeks now :)

 외톨이야 외톨이야 daridiridara du~

haha I’m so bored. I need to get out now .-.